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Descendant Of Lemuria

2016-02-03 01:46:58 by MathematicalMessiah


Penis Eggs Vagina

2016-02-01 21:21:39 by MathematicalMessiah

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Why? Osiris Why?

2016-01-20 17:44:19 by MathematicalMessiah

5465015_145340015172_932923CircleOfLife.png5465015_145335317072_9322.736K.gif5465015_145334514693_932SeptagonARGTESI1080.jpg5465015_145334402951_TiamatHmmGreen.jpgWhy Osiris? Why?


I watched them get on their knees to worship the power of your 180°; I could see why life was a short & sweet tragedy, there wasn't much of a reality to perceive -- go ahead Osiris, call me a pharisee, but you chose vanity over the sacred trinity. Lucky you were to be engaged with Her sea, to have a wife by your side forever to be, and still you had succumbed to a soulless bidding: gold, fire and death for all eternity. What were you thinking? Having the Vatican and their underlings deceive your own children from unnecessary off spring upon your returning for all that gold sitting century after century, while resurrecting your Son, the King Of Kings -- let it be a snake tongue, or a sword in a mouth of blasphemies, it's still the same thing. You betrayed us all with your pill popping pharmacies, your legalese, your hypocritical policies and your sex rings; your Wife, your Son and your own babies that you turned into sheep so you can have your one world society. But if you look underneath, you're just a wolf in a shepherd's clothing, with a serpent's tongue and a nose ring, brainwashing the minds of our people at Wall Street, living in your serpentine fantasy; cold blooded; void of empathy, swimming in a black sea of money -- "all hail the hermaphrodite England queen", the 'man'triarch in a kingdom where the sun is never seen setting.  

The world of bones and shackles, 223 backwards is the only rule that will be followed; skull and bones philosophy with no blood flow; one hand is promising, and the other waving in the shadows; black magicians spelling the world with writing as dark as Alan Poe, sentencing the poor and the innocent straight to the gallows, while big businesses consume the economy until it becomes shallow, and the wheels of commerce start to slow, for the stalker of light is the death that follows. A world where a king and queen will cry over a loaf of bread, because they aren't satisfied in bed with other people's children, and still will be dead after consuming all that is left from their inbred royal trend, just like Rome after people grew bored and brain dead, making taboo their best friend, shooting self-control in the head; 6 Ft under and 9 nails in the shed, still trying to fill the void they dread, while abusing the people's false sense of self-independence, tricking them into patriotic self-defense continuing their endless bloodshed that could be suspended until light could no longer bend, if the wars weren't comprised of idiots on both ends while having both sides funded.

Go ahead Osiris, continue calling Isis a whore, when you are the one that wanted more, mingling with human women from shore to shore, trying to blame Isis for the things you've done from lore to lore by having the white house create ISIS to cause more war because you chose to be as useless as teats on a boar. You lied to us, telling us the statue of liberty was a female and no more, but it's Attis, whom is Krishna, whom is Horus, whom is Jesus and Marduk at His core, rising to the 47th Floor, on a 64 Byte chess board; He obeys the 111 Trident, the symbol of His commodore, which should have been His dad, but you walked out of heaven's door, to create the illusion of time out of 144, and the number 24 and 54; 33° Mason of course, and your wife will soon bore life next to a lion that roars, to give birth to the Anti Christ you adore; at 24 + 24 + 24; you built the pentagon on 4 corners, 24 + 24 + 24 you built the Time Warners, with a clock from hell ticking away with hand warmers, subjecting us to a 3-D dimension and its borders, an illusion that is difficult to ignore for those that are sick of your games you had implored since the the day you and everything else was born from the one you call a whore.

You are the reason why our world is unstable, hiding inside the periodic table, hoping nobody discovers your fable, knowing how ungrateful and insatiable you really are underneath your table with the loaded dice you call a savior and those snake eyes beneath our favor, disguising yourself under fake labels to win the hearts of your cursed vapor, so you can return later and enslave your own children since the waiter and the fly in the soup are the same betrayers, the instigators that brought this upon us with more than one layer as a snake and beast that only serve as traitors, born by a mother creator; Her children control all the players, manipulating conveyors, leaving this planet with craters and preparing our world for the invaders through a media of shamers and a morbid agenda with not enough haters that draw attention to assassinators just like what happened to John F. Kennedy when he called out the propagators of conspiracies that were brought upon us by these higher dimensional initiators, by following orders from strangers that come from a black star connected to Saturn & Sirius that feed off of sacrifices and prayers to fuel their star systems from the homes of our galactic infiltrators.

54 + 144 + 24 = 222, the mark of Osiris and the rise of Horus too; the churches, the scientists, the mosques and the temples will lie to you through and through; the ones in charge control everything under the blue, creating an excuse to confuse you into thinking nothing in this world was imbued with a global ruse so that they will win and we will lose. Now spell out the name "Osiris" with the periodic table the elite use; Os Ir I S, this is the name of the older Sun God the people of this world blindly wish to choose, whom is El, whom is Saturn, whom is Satan, whom is He that does not bite, but chews; He is the Father of Death, and the younger Sun God is His son with a head of 7 hues, and carries around a cross which represents death, that is the truth. Now add the atomic numbers of His name we thought we knew, 76 + 77 + 53 + 16 = 222....


2016-01-19 21:20:29 by MathematicalMessiah


9 6 3

2016-01-17 17:15:53 by MathematicalMessiah


The Mathematically Perfect Trinity.

2016-01-17 15:08:23 by MathematicalMessiah


Osiris is returning.

2016-01-17 14:51:23 by MathematicalMessiah



The Oyster,

2016-01-16 20:16:10 by MathematicalMessiah