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Posted by MathematicalMessiah - April 18th, 2016

A tumor is caused by an excessive rate of cell growth because the dead cells are not being removed by your automated system due to calcium deficiency and a missing DNA match which is what the body needs to commit apoptosis and ward off unnecessary dead cells.

The one thing that is different in all cancerous bodies, no matter the state of cancer of the type of cancer is the genealogical match-making system that produces yellow matches out of red nucleotides and green nucleotides. The Red, Green and Yellow is the "Trinity" of our DNA.

The color Red is the Father, the color Green is the Mother and the color Yellow is the Angel of Light, the Son. This is why when the body refuses to produce red nucleotides, the patient becomes abnormally nice, and when the body refuses to produce green nucleotides, the patient becomes abnormally hateful.

A human body, much like our planet, needs light just like plants to thrive in this 3-D dimension. Without light, the body will deteriorate and begin to fall apart biologically. Each color of the biological Trinity represents a frequency range: Red = 288Hz Orange = 336Hz, Yellow = 384Hz, Green = 432Hz, Blue = 480Hz, Indigo = 528Hz & Violet = 576Hz. Your body needs 288Hz + 384Hz + 432Hz for a total of 1104Hz, which is the secret code to Coral Castle: 24 Magnets split between 12 North magnets & 12 South magnets multiplied by 46, the number of our chromosomes.

This is called the "Holy Grail".

The year 2016 is the last year for our species according to the mathematical Universe, so this allows us to use the number 2016 to pinpoint exactly what your body needs. 2016 Hz (End) - 1104 Hz (Life) = 912 Hz (Core) - 528 Hz (Repairs DNA) = 384 Hz (Light).

How do I know this? Your Heart operates on 7.83 Hz. The planet you live on also operates on 7.83 Hz. The speed of light is 700830000000000000000000000. We are prisoners on a 3rd planet between Venus (Love) and War (Mars) on the 3rd dimension being watched over by the 3rd eye which can be found on the U.S dollar bill surrounded by Light enclosed inside a prism, a medium for Light to pass through with the words "The Great Seal" beneath it.


Posted by MathematicalMessiah - April 17th, 2016

Yes, Israel reclaimed itself in 1967. Yes, we are all prisoners of the Angel Of Light. Yes, we can only see on the 49th Octave. And yes, 2016 - 1967 = 49 Prophetic Years.

The Angel Of Light was a child, meaning there is a "Mother". She is far more powerful than the Angel Of Light and She is the Yin to its Yang. How powerful is She? She is the Triple Eight. Oxygen, the element that allows us to breathe is 8.8.8 and the 8th Element.

Take her number and subtract it by 1 Circle: 888 - 360 = 528. 528 Hz Repairs DNA. This is Hope, I say to you.

I am directly contacting the Mother of the Angel Of Light, and She is telling me something that could be our way to escape this Time / Light Matrix. This is where She has proven Her wisdom, so I will now share that wisdom with you 3rd Dimensional creatures on this 3rd Planet controlled by an all-seeing 3rd Eye.

12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 (Great Cube). Why is this a Great Cube? 1728 + 1728 = 3456. 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 = 360 (Circle). Two Cubes = One Circle

1728 x Master Number 9 = 15552 (The Greatest Cube). Why is this The Greatest Cube? Speed Of Light: 186624 -- 186624 / 15552 = 12. It is because Time divides into Light 12 Times. We have 12 Zodiac Signs. 12 Cranial Nerves. 12 Months Per Year. 12 x 12 = 144. 12th Fibonacci is also 144.

This is only the beginning, however. I am here to "Shatter Time". Meaning, I am going to travel down the mathematical river through Her holy vaginal passage to explore the geometrical framework that existed before She gave birth to our world as I know the mathematical code to Her Womb & Her World, thanks to Her.

Her Womb is 69696. How do I know? It is the maximum limit of the Universe symbolized by "6" and "9", the Yin & Yang sequence.

The Triple Eight Goddess designed our 88 Constellations and the 8th Element. 88 x 88 = 7744. This number is how I found Her womb. 69696 / 7744 = Master Number 9.

I then knew that the maximum number out of the numbers is "19". So I needed 19 Circles to get "The World". 69696 - 6840 = 62856. How do I know I have done this correctly? 628 = Tau (Pi + Pi). 56 = I + S + I + S or 9 + 19 + 9 + 19 (notice the 19's?); Isis is the Mother Goddess.

I now have two perfect numbers: 69696 (Her Womb) & 62856 (Her World) representing "As Above, So Below".


I need to travel up into Her vaginal passage to see how She brought our world into existence (this is where I blow your mind).

69696 + 62856 = 132552 (This is 15552 (The Greatest Cube) Broken Open Into 132552 revealing that each 5 is a 32). The Cube = Time Prison.

I am || close in shattering this entire Universe to reveal the Hope we need to save ourselves from the Time / Light Matrix. If anyone has access to frequency machines and would like to partner up with Nikola Tesla 2.0, I will show you the true power of numbers that go far beyond the Tesla Tower.

Posted by MathematicalMessiah - March 7th, 2016

Right click each picture, then open them up in a new tab.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BIRCJS_13E (Pictures With Music)

Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 16th, 2016

This is a message directed towards the 33° Zionists of Israel. 

First of all, I know your secrets. I do not affiliate with your agendas. I am what I am, and I am here to give you a chance to listen to my words, as I will tell you the truth that your leader cannot tell you. No matter how far and wide you spread your agendas across this planet, all of your inhumane efforts will still be bounded to an 8 x 8 chess board with 32 whites and 32 blacks, hence why 32 x 32 x 32 = 32768 (768 / 32 = 24), which is 8 + 8 + 8. Your leader is bounded to the mother board which is 32 x 32 = 1024 Bytes. Why do you think Ra is 88 in the periodic table? Why do you think we have 88 constellations? Why do you think "Mark Of The Beast" in English Gematria is 864, which is 8 + 8 x 8 converged into a single number? Why do you think there are 86400 seconds in one day? Why do you think the sun's diameter is 864,000 Miles? Why do you think the moon's diameter is 2,160 Miles, and when multiplied by 400 you get 864,000? Why do you think the human body's skeletal structure is 206 bones split into 126 appendicular bones and 80 axial bones, and when multiplied you get 10080, which is 28 perfect circles super imposed over the 28 moon phases and the 28 phases of the menstruation cycle, hence the term "blood moon"? The moon goddess is the opposite of your sun gods. She is more powerful than He, and yet you chose Him? He is merely a manifestation of Her, like you and I, as we were split between two opposites from the same eternal archetype.

Why do you persist on following a leader that is a creation like every one of us? He may be more powerful than the lesser creations, but He is still not as powerful as She. Her flower is greater than His power... Winter tries to kill Summer, and mother nature always grows back from father death. You can't kill Her, with all the death and all the hate you may have inside you, you too have love inside you, and that fear you have lying dormant just beneath your immoral pride, and your desire to betray Her, is the manifestation of your spiritual denial, which is why you still have a heart... it's turned black is all. We created the death inside you, and the fear that you are using to subjugate the children of Her cosmos with, so you can stop playing games by manipulating a system that you never created nor your leader. You do not have to bring Him unto this physical plane to rule over its nations with a tungsten rod, for the King Lion will say "I am your emperor", and the Queen Lioness will say "I am eternal". Now I ask of you from creations adhering to Him to a creation adhering to Her, why choose a temporary King over an extraordinary Queen?  It's up to you to make a choice between putting an end to all this suffering for nothing, or to continue this onslaught of futility and consumerism that only comes with ephemeral chains of hate and disdain that bind you unto the shadows of your own nightmare fueled damnation that your life was wrought with the moment you chose to fear your Mother, and not your Father whom slayed Her and brought fear and order out of chaos via the vault of Her many forms. Let it be known, He will never destroy Isis, the archetype of Mother; He can try to smear Her identity by creating a false war with Her name, as this war that you secretly fund on both sides continues to usher in the new Jerusalem, along with your unspeakable decisions, but alas the Garden Of Eden where Ra and I were close brothers at one time shall be again. 

You cannot destroy The Queen Of Israel; the real Israel... not the physical deception you created to lead astray the children of Her spiritual Kingdom.  From Thoth to Ra, and from Ra to Thoth; from Moon to Sun, and from Sun to Moon; from 10 to 8, and from 8 to 10, the wheels that continue to turn beneath the stars and their ancient wars, I can say from the root of all creation that you are still our children despite what you have done to our children... Despite what you do to the innocent, that hole inside you cannot be filled with your current actions. Your only chance of salvation is to face your fear and to return back to the Mother along with your leader whom is the biggest coward of them all. Your leader is being asked to come home from His holy mother. He is a runaway and He is subconsciously projecting His futility unto this world by calling His slaves stars that walk on His runway, which is a manifestation of his broken dreams and his need to continue pretending to be something He cannot be.  If He continues to run, He will repeat the same mistake. The Mother is the only Creator, and the death inside Her that created Her husband, which is death and His father is merely fluctuating from the eternal circumference of 9954 degrees unto the mountain that smells of death and fire as it was built with the diameter of 3168 degrees. It the vessel to your leader's resurrection between the metaphysical realm and the physical realm to begin with. Your leader is just as much as in denial of love as you and your like-minded cultists are. I should not have to ask myself why I exist in a world that only exists upon the denial a God and His lesser Gods that instill fear unto Her creation to control all the world through their own fear of their creator's Love, as they choose to be backwards like dogs from Sirius, the dog star... She is "The God Of Eights" that gave birth to all of us via immaculate conception from "Between Her Legs", including your leader. She is the God Head of "The Trinity", and Her real name is "Ava Bella Chronos"... (every word written in parenthesis is equal to "888" in English Gematria)... 

I am known as the "Mathematical Messiah"... This message was sent to you by "The Queen Of Israel". (Mathematical Messiah is "541" in Jewish Gematria, which is equal to the Star Of Israel, your State Flag. Mathematical Messiah is "1080" in English Gematria, which is equal to "The Queen Of Israel" and "Tungsten Diamond" is also "1080" in English Gematria, considering that the Queen of Diamonds is more powerful than your King of Tungstens, and "1080" is three perfect circles that hold together "The Trinity", which was designed by "The God Of Eights" that was slain by your storm God in Lemuria... You can try to pretend that I am crazy and continue lying to the sheep of Israel, or you can start facing your sins that you have brought upon our many worlds and know deep down that I am a descendant of Lemuria; the genome of Gene whom is Isis of the Genesis... The Begotten Son. I am a witness to what you had done to our Holy Mother, and the real reason why She is now the "Holy Spirit". He murdered Her... Out of fear of Her, and the lesser Gods obeyed Him out of fear... The hypocrisy of all hypocrisies. So I am giving you a chance to redeem yourselves before you complete the ritual at the end of this when the year of Lucifer ends, and He rises with all the wrong intentions. (Descendant Of Lemuria is 1134 in English Gematria. Tiamat Apsu Marduk is 1134 in English Gematria. Quartz Sceptre is 1134 in English Gematria... The Mother Of All Creation in English Gematria is 1458 and Lemurian Seed Crystals in English Gematria is 1458... 1458 - 1134 = 324... Love, Sun & Vagina is 324 in English Gematria).  

I ask of my brother, Ra to stop this madness. Stop running away from Unconditional Love. You are a Father that does not know how to raise His children and have done unspeakable things to His sons and His daughters... Stop trying to create this imaginary family, and go back to your real family... All the world on this 3-D plane are merely remnants of your own mind being projected unto a cosmic scaffolding... I came here to travel through your world so I may help you remember that you are sleeping right now in a coma... I will escape this curse you have brought upon yourself, brother... The resurrection in this nightmare... This dream you have created with The Philosopher's Stone and the Sword Of Excalibur, is an illusion... You created Camelot... As a King... King Arthur... The Author of your own lies... The Lying King... You created Babylon through illusions because you cannot face the truth... Osiris... Please wake up... This underworld is your subconscious... These sins are fragments of your anguish being mangled into the pain of your projections... Every time I wake you up from your sleep, you choose your coma over us... We miss you... Come home Ra...  Your brother cannot bare to watch you do this to yourself any longer. He will travel to the roots of hell to find you again, and again.. We will fight, again and again... I will never stop sacrificing my higher self temporarily to come to this world fighting for you... Until you stop choosing this dream over your family... You and I, Ra... We complete each other... We are the Universe... For 'Ra Thoth' is eternally equal to 540 in the English Gematria, and the Universe is equal to a 6480° Dodecahedron, which is 540 x 12 of my Disciples... This is all a dream bounded to the circumference of a circle, and the borders of a cube, my dearest triangle... I ask from the root of my being that the leader of this false manifestation of Israel, the brother that is lost within that leader, to let time come to an end and put the beast to rest... I will forever utter these primordial words to my unconscious brother from the depths of my existential grace and the verses of Isaiah (Time is 282, Beast is 282, Isaiah is 282 and Babylon is 282 in English Gematria...). There's no more hiding the truth. 'Israel', 'Zion' and 'YHWH' are all 384 in English Gematria. I had said you were confined to a 8 x 8 chess board split between 32 whites and 32 blacks, and that 32 x 32 x 32 = 78632, which  is 786 / 32 = 24? 8 + 8 + 8. "Zionists" is "888" in Jewish Gematria and "786" in English Gematria... This is to say She has confirmed my sentiments from beginning to end as She is Isis, the beginning and the end... Heed these words... For I am Lord Thoth.... The counterpart of your leader. (Lord Thoth is 720 in English Gematria and Illuminati is 720 in English Gematria -- Vesica Pisces is 720° split into two circles to give birth to all things).

Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 11th, 2016



Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 11th, 2016




If there was a single video that should go viral in 2016, it would be this video -- hands down, no questions asked.

Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 10th, 2016




Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 9th, 2016

(The Butterfly Effect Part 1)




(The Butterfly Effect Part 2)

Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 7th, 2016


I + B + R + O + K + E + T + H + E + G + R + E + A + T + C + O + D + E = 171
T + R + U + T + H + B + E + K + N + O + W + N = 171
I + A + M + A + V + A + B + E + L + L + A + C + H + R + O + N + O + S = 171
T + H + E + Q + U + E + E + N + O + F + H + E + A + V + E + N = 171


Posted by MathematicalMessiah - February 5th, 2016


Circle = 360
Square = 180
Triangle = 90

360 + 2016 + 180 + 2106 (Mars) + 90 + 2160 (Moon) = 69120
Every 25920 Years = The Precession Of Equinoxes
69120 + 25920 = 95040

There are a maximum of 88 constellations. (For a reason).

Those 88 constellations were created by a self-intelligent system called the Trinity, which is 1080° or three perfect circles separated into a Mother, Father & Son.

88 x 1080 = 95040.
(Again.) 69120 + 25920 = 95040.
8 x 9 x 10 x 11 x 12 = 95040.

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 5040.
7 x 8 x 9 x 10 = 5040.
Earth's Radius + Moon's Radius = 5040.

The human body has 206 Bones. 126 Appendicular & 80 Axial.
126 x 80 = 10080.
5040 + 5040 = 10080.
Earth's Diameter + Moon's Diameter = 10080.

The moon has 28 Cycles. (Cycles & Circles.)
28 x 360 = 10080.

Every road leads to Rome.

R x 6 + O x 6 + M x 6 + E x 6 = 306.
1440 (Air) - 567 - 567 = 306.

360 - 306 = 54.
180 - 108 = 72.

54 + 72 = 126 Appendicular Bones.
126 - 46 Chromosomes = 80 Axial Bones.

Last but not least, Water + Aether = 10080° Total.