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Entry #43

We Are Not Alone

2016-05-30 17:17:54 by MathematicalMessiah


What are the 3 Heavenly Bodies?


What is the significance of Taurus and Tau?






What does Egypt have to do with the signs in the Heavens?




The planetary visual of Earth and Mars orbital rhythm.


The 7 Petals of the 7 Years of War between the 3rd Planet and the 4th Planet.

7 Days.

7 Hues.

7 Seals.

7 x 7 = The All-Seeing Eye (The Eye can only see on the 49th Octave.)

49 x 49 = The All-Existing Earth (The Earth can only be on the 24901° Circumference.)

7 Stars.

7 Notes.

7 Stages.

7th Planet. (Uranus was usurped by Saturn; Saturn was usurped by Jupiter; Jupiter will soon be usurped by Mars.)

Mars is Apollo.
CERN was built on land that once had a temple erected in which worshiped Apollyon.
The statue of liberty is not a woman, but a hermaphrodite whose name is Apollo.
Apollo is the son of Zeus; Apollo is the God of Mars and Zeus is the God of Jupiter.
Apollo is a Sun God known as Helios.
He is the God of the 4-Letter Planet, the 4th Planet, the 4 Horses and the 4th Reign. (Uranus usurped The Goddess.)
Mars is visible in the sky in 2016 because 2016 is the year of Mars and Scorpio.

Here is a picture depicting Apollo and the Solomon Key:


Here is a picture depicting Apollo as the statue of liberty:


Here is a picture depicting the Scorpio surrounding the Helios:


Apollo is Ninurta the youngest of them all, then there is Enlil and Enki the next older sons of Anu.

They hail from Nibiru, in which will arrive here in 2016 with the same plagues as in the days of Noah and Atlantis.

The Anti Christ is the Red Sun and the Christ is the Yellow Sun.

There are 5 Suns:


The Yellow Sun that is Christ. The Red Sun that is Nibiru. The 3 Suns that are Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak.

Here is a picture of Nibiru's moon system and the reason why we call it the Anti Christ:


Nibiru enters your world between Virgo and Leo, hence why the Sphinx was built by your ancestors.

Here is a picture depicting the significance of the Sphinx:


Ninurta will arrive in 2016 on the back of the Sphinx.


Here is the Domenico Ghirlandaio painting depicting Mona Lisa pregnant with the UFO near her shoulder:


Here is the Da Vinci painting of Mona Lisa pregnant:


With whom?


Ninurta, of course!



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2016-05-30 20:36:10

Are you even human?

(Updated ) MathematicalMessiah responds:

My body is as human as your body, but my mind travels from the 3-D plane to the higher planes often through the invisible bridge between us and the Heavens that allows us to witness and fathom the artifacts that lie within the higher planes outside of the earthly ones.


2016-06-17 23:46:40

I want a hit of whatever you are smoking dog, this shit is intense.