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Does anyone know about Copper and Gadolinium bi-nuclear properties?

2016-05-29 15:05:18 by MathematicalMessiah





This is my paper work which suggests that the very existence of Copper and Gadolinium in terms of 'bi-nuclear inter-fusion' was deeply encoded into our Universe and has the potential to stop '1984' (trans-humanism dystopia) which was also encoded into our Universe when considering that 2016 is 2000 - 16 = 1984, and that Jesus Christ was coincidentally born 1984 years ago from 2016, as well as historically Pakistan was going to launch its 5 nuclear tests in 1984, but the president of Pakistan opted for 1998 which is 666+666+666, and coincidentally enough again 2016 is 666+666+666+6+6+6 in a world where Time itself is 60 Seconds, 60 Minutes & 24 Hours (6+0 + 6+0 + 2+4 = 666) and Man itself has 6 Protons 6 Neutrons & 6 Electrons on a planet called Earth whose orbital velocity is 66,600 MPH. 

Copper is the strongest neutral electrical conductor as it sits between Silver and Gold, therein explains why Copper is the oldest element to exist for the conducticity in electricity during Anatolia in 2000 BCE, whereas Gadolinium has higher nuclear potency that is used for MRI purposes which is Gamma-oriented in which deeply elaborates the sheer electromagnetic-incorporated possibility that Copper and Gadolinium could develop technology beyond trans-humanism standards which would supercede 1984 in order to skip an entire era of discord.

My question here is, in all the possibilities what could we assimilate from the bi-nuclear potency of Copper (conductivity) and Gadolinium (electromagnetic resonance)? The reason why I ask is because technology is in cahoots with our collective reality, so if we build technology beyond the current technology (chips, cameras, robots, artificialities, geneal mutations, etc.) we would in turn defeat the purpose of the coming dystopian reality by skipping its current state of technological advancement with an even more advanced technological advancement that would bring us towards an era that is focused on harmony instead of discord. This is why Nikola Tesla was cheated out of his 'Tesla Tower' and "Free Energy" -- the real reason why Science, Religion and Cultists all have one thing in common: They are all destroying the sheer potency of "Free Energy". The common people are helping by not educating themselves on the fact that their dependent resources are simultaneously destroying all of their resources.


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